TurkishLux offers Turkish towels, silk scarves and other goods. Among our towel offers you can find pestemal towels as well as traditional Turkish towels. 

Pestemal, which is woven using traditional techniques come mostly from our workshops in the Aegean area. They are made of linen yarn, cotton yarn, silk and organic bamboo, and dyed using vegetable dyes. Pestemal towels are a fashion item as well as a functional towel. They can be seen in beaches across Europe, Brazil, and Australia. Pestemals woven with lighter and brighter materials can be used as shauls or scarves, as an accessory to personal fashion statements. Some of our customers use pestemals as table cloths or place mats at dinner tables as well. In addition, because pestemal is so light and absorbent, it is the perfect companion for a hiking trip or a sports expedition. 

Our silk scarves come from the town of Bursa in Turkey, known for its silk workmanship quality. Scarves are unique, hand made fashion statements. No two scarves are the same. Edges are hand hemmed and each scarf is hand dyed.

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