Pestemal Turkish Towel, 100% Cotton, Beige-White-Navy, Navy accent, Beach & Bath Towel, Alina Allure

Vendor: turkishlux


The pestemal is a large, lightweight and ultra absorbent towel with fringed ends popular in upscale retreats as a drying waistcloth for men and a body wrap for women. Pestemals can be used as an excellent spa, beach or pool accessory, an after shower or massage cover-up, as a pareo over swimsuit, a practical travel towel for backpacking and an elegant wrap for boating. What makes Pestemals so exceptional is that they take up very little space, are ultra absorbent, yet swift air-drying and become softer with every wash. In addition to their bathroom use, pestemals can be used as a throw on your furniture or bed, adding decorative touches throughout your home.